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Distributed School Leadership

November 8, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

31jejplwn9l_sl500_aa240_Tomorrow’s schools will need new forms of leadership. The old hierarchical models of leadership simply do not fit any longer. We need to develop new leaders at all levels of the system if we are serious about sustaining improvement and change.

This book is about developing young leaders in schools. It argues that we need to generate broad-based distributed leadership within, between and across schools to be certain of lasting change and improvement. Its main aims are to: provide a rationale for more widely distributed forms of leadership in schools offer new ways of thinking about distributed leadership practice provide practical illustrations and examples of distributed leadership give concrete ways of developing lateral leadership capacity within, between and across schools.

The book focuses on the “why, how” and “what” of distributed leadership by offering a practical insight into what it looks like in schools. It argues that our new system leaders are already in schools and that the main challenge is to develop them and maximise their collective capacity to make a difference. The main aims of the book are to:

provide a clear account of more widely distributed leadership.
offer evidence about its positive impact on organizational and individual learning.
give case-study exemplars and practical illustrations of how it works in practice.

The book also considers the leadership of networks and the new forms of partnership schools are engaged in and looks at how lateral capacity is built and the part distributed leadership plays in generating leadership capacity between schools. [Editorial Reviews]

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